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1. Become a member of DeltaInvest

First, you will need to create your DeltaInvest membership. You make the first move – Sign up. We will be there to greet you.

2. Make a deposit to earn with DeltaInvest

First of all, you need to open an account for free and then log into your account. In the section of deposit making enter desired amount and choose one of the investment plans. Click on the Spend button to start sending a payment. After proceeding the payment, the amount will be credited to your account automatically after some time, thus your investment has officially started and your daily profit will be added to your account every day.

3. Wait for accrual and withdraw your profit

Once your deposit has been added you can find it in "Deposits List" section of your personal account. After your earnings were accrued, navigate to "Withdraw" menu and make a request. Before that, make sure you have set your payment details in your account settings. Please make sure that you enter the correct payment account as all payments are final and non-refundable.